Charter of Commitment for Mediterranean Posidonia Beaches

Our Mediterranean beaches need you !

Did you know that 29% of Mediterranean beach habitats in Europe have been lost in the last 50 years? Nonetheless, our beaches host an unknown treasure: Posidonia banquettes.

Mediterranean coastal areas are rich and fragile habitats that shelter ecosystems valuable for the resilience of our coasts towards climate change. In particular Posidonia, a real underwater forest, which provides in all its forms, alive and dead, multiple ecological functions.

When dead leaves fall and are washed ashore on our beaches, they form what it is called "banquettes". These banquettes protect against beach erosion (acting as a sediment trap and wave dispersion) and  host the biodiversity necessary for a healthy coastal ecosystem.

Posidonia banquettes are an element of our regional patrimony.  They constitute the uniqueness of our Mediterranean coastal landscape

You can help preserve the Mediterranean character of our coast by signing the Charter of Commitment for Mediterranean Posidonia Beaches.

Posidonia - act4posidonia

In order to contribute to the preservation of Posidonia banquettes on  Mediterranean beaches, a charter of commitment  was created by Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region  within the framework of the European project POSBEMED2 alongside 5 other Mediterranean partner countries.

An online engagement platform was created for this which  allows everyone to sign the charter and commit at their own level.

Whether you are a citizen, an economic actor or a beach manager, you can act in favor of  more natural beaches that respect the functioning of Mediterranean coastal ecosystems.

Discover «The Charter of Commitment for Mediterranean Posidonia Beaches» and join us !

Go to :   Posidonia - act4posidonia

Sign the charter and share this information around you !

Together let's be Mediterranean !