Posidonia Erosion tour visit with other Mediterranean partners

Joint event organised by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

The event is planned as a guided coastal site tour visit to observe and learn about erosion issues, Posidonia banquette management challenges and opportunities, approaches that are being undertaken in recipient areas.

During the event, POSBEMED2 partners will share project results, recommendations and tools developed in the frame of Posbemed2. Furthermore, a session will be dedicated to the awareness and education activities aimed to both stakeholders and decision makers that addressed key knowledge gaps, and provided information that will enhance management decisions on adaptation, policy, planning and advocacy.

The Charter of Commitment for Posidonia Beaches will be presented, with the aim of generating a network of engaged stakeholders in the preservation of Posidonia banquettes in the Mediterranean and in the development of a model of coastal tourism more respectful of the coastline ecosystem.

The event is addressed to Protected Areas management bodies and authorities responsible of management of protected areas, NGOs and associations working on coastal conservation and sustainable development, interested education and research institutions working or interested in coastal management and beach and Posidonia management, public authorities working on coastal/marine planning and development, local manager practitioners from different regions, local municipality staff involved in the management of beaches, private concessionaires of beaches with Posidonia oceanica.

The event will be held in the Municipality of Villasimius – Region of Sardinia (Italy) on the 31st of May, and 1st and 2nd June 2022