Cleaning of the Posidonia banquettes of the marine litter – main challenge for the Sakarun beach

Natura – Jadera public institution for management of protected areas in the County of Zadar organized the introduction to the Action Plan in collaboration with the Municipality of Sali on November 29th 2021

In August 2021, an Action Plan for the management of beaches with Posidonia banquettes in the NW portion of Dugi Otok, with a focus on Sakarun beach, was finalized. The paper focuses on implementing 12 restoration steps and activities. These measures and activities are examples of excellent practices that have been tailored to the pilot location of the project — the Sakarun beach. Measures include defining zones of intervention and areas with no intervention, where the area of intervention is defined as the area covering two-thirds of the total beach length and the region with no intervention is the remainder of the beach. Posidonia banquettes will be removed from the region of intervention in the area with no intervention in May without the use of heavy machinery, and Posidonia will be restored to their original place in September/October along with the remaining sediments. During the winter months, Posidonia banquettes are planned to be cleaned manually from the deposited litter in order to preserve the compactness of deposits.

Engaging local community

In collaboration with the Municipality of Sali, Natura – Jadera, a public entity for the administration of protected areas in the County of Zadar, arranged the introduction to the Action Plan. This dissemination event took place at the Municipality hall of Sali, on the island of Dugi otok.

The goal was to convey the measurements of the Action plan to stakeholders and, to the greatest extent feasible, to include the local community in the presentation of how examples of best practices were incorporated in this plan while being customized to local circumstances.

Due to the current epidemiological condition, the introduction to the Action Plan was scheduled in two sections rather than a central event where the Action Plan would be given, and to avoid the assembly of a bigger group of individuals. From the 15th to the 29th of November, it was accessible for inspection at the hall of the Municipality of Sali, and all interested parties were allowed to write comments in the Book of remarks. On November 29th, 2021, a discussion was held in the premises of the Municipality of Sali, during which personnel from the POSBEMED 2 project were accessible to explain the measures of the Action plan and why they were chosen as the implementation of best practices.

Good practice in seasonal removal of the Municipality of Calvià

The participants from the Municipality of Sali and the utility firm Muli d.o.o. submitted their thoughts in writing, particularly on the organizational and financial problems of preserving clean Posidonia banquettes from marine rubbish and transferring Posidonia from the beach to a storage place. The participants, particularly those from the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Sali, were interested in examples of good practice in seasonal removal of Posidonia banquettes from beaches, so the local coordinator presented them with an example of good practice in seasonal removal of Posidonia banquettes from beaches in the Municipality of Calvià, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, which was presented to the project team earlier in November during the field trip. The major topic of discussion was the organization of the cleaning of the Posidonia of the marine litter between the Municipality of Sali, NATURA-JADERA, and utility firm Mulić d.o.o., as well as the removal of the depositing Posidonia during the summer months.