Joining Europe’s maritime community

Holding a Workshop on Coastal Resilience in the annual two-day event of European Maritime Day (EMD)

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia – Department of the Environment – Nature conservation and forestry policies Office and the CPMR – Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions will be organize a workshop during the two-day event of European Maritime Day (EMD). EMD is the place where excellent speakers, thematic sessions, stakeholder workshops and project pitch sessions organised by stakeholders and the European Commission catch up on the current state of play on a broad range of issues concerning the blue economy and the marine environment and discuss ways of moving forward.

The workshop named "Maritime regions at the core of EU cooperation to enhance coastal resilience" will be held on the 20th of May. It will focus on the crucial role played by regional governments and public policies, action plans and INTERREG projects to enhance resilience in EU maritime regions. Special attention will be dedicated to challenges and opportunities when it comes to the implementation of a climate change adaptation strategy at regional/local level. The workshop will also give the opportunity to focus on specific examples of policy intervention.

In this regard, results delivered by the POSBEMED2 project will be presented and analysed during the debate to show how innovative solutions on Posidonia Oceanica banquette management can contribute to coastal resilience.

May 20, 2022 from 09:00 to 10:00 | Ravenna, Italy - Pala de André - Workshop Room 4: Sala Marmi (First floor). We are looking forward to meeting you!